Experiential Team Based Learning and Simulation

The Emergency Medical Services Experiential Team Based Learning and Simulation (XTLS) conference is a unique learning experience hosted at the ETSU James H. Quillen College of Medicine in Johnson City, Tennessee. Our EMS conference, now entering it's fourth year, is hosted by the Emergency Medicine Interest Group for EMS providers and others in the emergency community. Many of the members here at Quillen discovered their passion for medicine out in the field as EMT’s and Paramedics. Just like many in the industry they had sat through countless traditional didactic continuing education events that held minimal benefit for truly enriching them as professionals.  The emergency interest group recognized a need here for a different method of instruction to better engage the participants and hone their knowledge. XTLS brings highly skilled EMS providers and other emergency personnel from all over the region together to work on skills and gain knowledge through hands on simulation and experience. Through the use our state of the art simulation lab, virtual reality anatomy lab, and instruction from a group of physicians and other professionals that lead their fields XTLS provides participants with an educational experience second to none.

The 2019 conference will be held on Saturday, August 10th from 8:00am until 5:00pm. There will be 8 different learning stations including a mass casualty speaker panel, virutal reality anatomy lab demonstrations, pediatrics simulation lab exercises and more! Breakfast and Lunch will be served during the event and is included in the cost of registration. 

For information on education credits please visit our accreditation page.